How We Work

Student, parents and extended family members have a wide range of resources and tools to help during the planning and paying college process. Internet, friends, high school and college administrators are all there to help.

Get College Going is YOUR individual, 1-1 coach, advocate & adviser. We work with the individual student (16-25), their parent(s) and extended family to help find the paths to college for them. We focus on academic and personal accomplishments, aspirations and expectations. We assist with getting things going, monitoring deadlines & assigning tasks, reviewing paying strategies and even providing a ‘gentle nudge’!

The Steps We Follow

Step One: Conduct a free conversation to learn where a student and family might be in the college planning process. We’ll make suggestions on how we can help.

Step Two: Learn the student’s profile; interest, talents, treasures and aspirations. We’ll review financial capabilities and expectations.

Step Three: Turn information into actions: conduct searches, identify admissions & financial aid deadlines, debunk myths, answer questions and keep the stress in check.

Step Four: Review college acceptances, financial aid awards and help turn college options into choices.

Once enrolled, we offer a First Year Campus Check In Program, a program to ensure the successful transition to college life. And when graduation rolls around, we’ll be there to help with questions on managing educational debt while joining the workforce.

YOUR individual, 1-1 coach, advocate & adviser



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