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We recognize the uniqueness of each student and family. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ process to the advice we provide, our coaching and even the “gentle” nudge. Each student and family is greeted as a new canvas, with specific aspirations and needs and all we focus is on you!! We’ll help you get going, stay on track, answer questions and make sure the transition to college is successful.

We will work with you to:

  • Assess a one’s readiness for college.
  • Build an action plan with recommendations, tasks and goals.
  • Conduct a broad college search, to be narrowed to a list of top choices.
  • Explore options to find the choice; academic, personally & financial for the student and family.
  • Navigate the admissions and financial aid application processes.
  • Review award letters, search for scholarships and participate in the final decision.
  • Meet deadlines, guidelines and processes.
  • Provide a “Campus Check-In Program” during the first year.
  • Be there to answer questions and provide a gentle nudge if needed!
  • Assist with post college needs, including managing student debt.

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