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We recognize that planning and paying for college can be stressful and overwhelming. Our family has been through it and countless other students and parents we have helped. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ process to the advice and coaching we provide. Each student and parent is greeted as a new canvas, each with individual profiles, aspirations and needs. 100% of our focus in on the student and their family. Our goal is help you get started, stay on track and find the education path after high school. We’ll answer questions, provide our advice and when needed,  extend a gentle nudge make sure the transition to college is successful.

We work with you to:

  • Assess one’s readiness for college and the paths to follow.
  • Build an action plan with recommendations, tasks and goals.
  • Conduct a broad college search, to be narrowed to a list of top choices.
  • Explore options to find one’s choice; academic, personally & affordable fit.
  • Navigate the admissions and financial aid application processes.
  • Review financial aid award letters, search for scholarships and discuss ways to pay tuition costs.
  • Use the Magical Formula Worksheet to compare college options and net tuition costs.
  • Meet deadlines and keep the stress away.
  • Provide a Campus Check In Program during the first year of college.
  • Be there to answer questions and provide a gentle nudge if needed!
  • Assist with post college needs, including managing student debt.

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