Avoiding Pitfalls

Be aware of the stop signs and red flags along  the way. Here  are some things to avoid:

  • Avoiding pitfallsLimiting the college selection process to one type of institution; academically and/or financially. A good college list will include options that test a student’s reach as well as provide for an academic and financial safety.
  • Assuming all schools use the same admissions criteria.. Catalogs and viewbooks might look the same, but institutions are looking for different types of students to fill different needs on a college campus.
  • Assuming everyone pays the same cost of attendance.  There are students who pay 100% and those who pay less. Applying for financial aid is essential regardless of the type of college and one’s family financial profile.
  • Missing Deadlines.  Deadlines are deadlines. Meeting deadlines is a must!
  • Not discussing the family’s financial profile with the student. If the student thinks the family can afford college X but the family can only afford college Y, then someone is going to be disappointed. Real life conversations are essential to avoid surprises late at decision time!
  • Listening to the ‘grocery line – parking lot’ chatter. Everyone is proud but sometimes things get inflated. Everyone is different – Never assume!
  • Misunderstanding athletics at the college level. Tryouts occur at all levels, nothing is guaranteed and only a select few get $$.

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