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Scholarship applicationSearching for and completing applications for scholarships takes time, and yes, not everyone is fortunate to receive a scholarship award. However, every dollar awarded through either a one-time and/or renewable scholarship is one less dollar a student might need to borrow to pay for college.

Scholarships are generally provided by:


  • College and Universities award scholarships based on academic merit and talent as part of the admissions acceptance process.
  • Civic and charitable organizations award merit and need-based at high school graduations.
  • State education agencies award merit and need-based scholarships
  • Private organizations, philanthropic benefactors, employers,  corporations and trade associations

Each provider has their own eligibility criteria, application process and awarding guidelines.

As a Scholarship Investigator, Get College Going will work to identify unique characteristics and interests of a student, parents and extended family to assist int he process of searching scholarships. We will scourer local, regional, statewide and national resources as part of our search. Once located, we will work with a student to determine eligibility and submit applications.

Investigators can not guarantee a bounty of awards, but one will not know until they try.

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