College-students photo - Full viewThe college admissions process is where a student showcases their individual talents and treasures. It is the doorway to becoming a member of the next Freshman class at the institution of their choice. The process allows a student to look at  multiple schools to determine those that  match a student’s individual wants, needs and aspirations.

The admissions process includes building a list of “possibilities”, choices based on a student’s academic strengths, interests (visual & performing art, athletics) and personal character. It is the process that narrows the list to a choice selection of institutions that will be the application pool, including those that will stretch a student’s boundaries or be academic and financial safeties. .

Admissions is also where college and universities  recognizes students for their talents & treasures in the form of ‘merit scholarships.

Get College Going works 1-1 assisting with:

  • Developing a Student & Family Profile
  • Uncovering Options
  • Narrowing the Choices
  • Preparing & Meeting Admissions & Financial Aid Application Deadlines
  • Scheduling Visits & Interviews…and
  • Helping with the question…Are you saying Yes to the college of your choice?



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