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Making the Transition

Once a student arrives on campus the thought of being a freshman will finally become a reality. How will I deal with living with a roommate? The academic course work is harder than I thought. I miss home and my friends.

The reality is everyone experiences a few bumps at the beginning and during the first year of college. Assistance is  available to make the transition smooth. Resources in the academic and student life centers, from the  resident hall advisers and the  health &  wellness groups. But sometimes students are unsure and/or apprehensive to seek them out.

That’s why our work does not end with a heart filled good bye and good luck.

Through our Campus Check-In Program we will reach out periodically during the first  year and with a listening ear make sure the “wheel of possibilities” is still a reality. We’ll  ask questions and when needed provide some “not strings” attached assistance to new college student. Our “Campus Check-In Program” will also be available to parents and extended family members who might run into problems with keeping their  two-way communication pathway open.

All students adjust to campus life, but sometimes a little help makes it easier!!

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