Paying for College

Paying for CollegeInvesting in one’s education is right up there with buying a home and purchasing a car. It requires financial commitment and a strong understanding of resources available to assist with meeting the college of a student’s education. Paying for college can be equally if not a more stressful stage in the overall college enrollment process. Through awareness and planning one can remove the worry and make paying for college just another step along the path to selecting one’s college of their choice.Get College Going works to:

  • Debunk the myths surrounding tuition assistance resources, financial aid and meeting college costs.
  • Provide guidance on  scholarships, grants and  self-help aid (loans).
  • Review how savings, investments and student earnings affect financial aid
  • Examine sources of assistance including  local, regional, state and federal programs
  • Explain how to complete financial aid forms (FAFSA, CSS Profile) and other documents.
  • Shed light on  College Financial Aid Award Letters, how to compare the net tuition costs at different schools and develop the best plan to meet a student’s college costs.

Affordability is a key factor to selecting the college of one’s choice. Determining how to meet college costs should not become a barrier to making a wise choice.

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