Post College Matters

What Happens When I Graduate?

graduation photoOnce the caps & gowns are put away and the post-graduation parties are over the reality of the real world will set in. Maybe work, graduate school or even entering the military will be where the road turns next. For students  leaving school with educational debt, it is important to address how one  will manage their obligation.  Get College Going can assist with helping new graduates through the process of preparing for and managing the maze of dealing with:

  • Work with your Loan Servicing Agency
  • Understanding  your Rights and Responsibilities as a student loan borrower
  • Demystify the many repayment options and/or deferment programs available
  • Understanding employer sponsored education assistance programs including the  “pay down student loan debt program”
  • Help you when you’re not sure what to do next!!

Regardless of one’s next step after graduation, post graduate matters such as  addressing educational debt cannot be ignored.

At Get College Going, we know this, have lived it and can help  keep your graduation smile alive!!

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