Tom O’Hare has been a major asset to our family as we help our daughter navigate the College Search, Admission and Financial Aid process.

Tom educated and guided us through this complex and often confusing world.  He took the time to ask questions and listen to our story, got to know our daughter, and then made relevant recommendations.  His insight into the nuances and unique strengths and weaknesses of different programs has been invaluable.

His calm and thoughtful manner reduced our anxiety and gave us confidence in our decisions.  We recommend Get College Going and Tom O’Hare to assist in this major life decision and significant investment.

Kevin & Lynn
Millis, Massachusetts


Thank you so much for all your help in navigating the college process.  Your insight in the various colleges and advice kept us all grounded and focused on what we needed to do to help our son get into the school he wanted. You made what could have been a very stressful time so much easier for all of us.

Joyce E.
New Ipswich, New Hampshire

Happy New Year Tom!

Let me start the New Year in letting you know how grateful I am in knowing you!  Your expertise in college preparation was a vital part of my daughter’s success and a peace of mind for me! As I reflect those moments when you first met with her I recall how she had no idea what she wanted to study or go. She had mentioned to you that she was not ready to go to college. She surely knew she wanted to continue to play soccer and wanted to find a way to repeat her senior year of high school to score more goals! I grew so nervous that the passion of soccer took over her, however you used it to your advantage in directing her to the right place!

Your guidance in choosing the right college for her was on target! She grew more confident as she visited the colleges on the list. She was excepted to most all colleges from the list you made and ended up selecting Worcester State University, the one I least expected. She enjoyed it so much and excelled in her academics and played four years of soccer with four Simi finalist and two championships! She just graduated 2017 with a bachelors in Public Health and minor in Physiology. Not to long from graduation, She is now working for the public school system with the special needs students and pursuing her pre- requirements classes for her masters in Occupational Therapy at Worcester State University.  With the lack of guidance in the high school she attended and being a first generation to go to college I really do not know what the outcome would of been without your guidance!

Thank you Tom!

Diana, Lynn, Mass

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